What we offer

At BubbullRush we are very flexible (some more than others). We are able to cater for all different event needs, whether you are looking for a casual hire with your mates, a birthday party, a corporate work function, or as a school sports day. we offer several different games to play so mix and match to your hearts content its up to you how you want your time spent. If you think that you have an idea we don't have listed let us know and we will sort it for you.

Game Play

There are many games you can have a crack at, and you can have multiple different games during one session. Here are some games you can play:

Bubbull Rush

As the name suggests its Bullrush in a Bubble. This game has the same classic rules as Bullrush but with the added bonus of bigger hits and less aches.

The game starts off with one in the middle (the bull arena) they then call out someone with the aim of taking them out before they reach the opposite safe zone, if the bull is successful the runner then joins them in the bull arena and another runner is called out. If the bull is unsuccessful and the defending runner makes it to the safe zone at the opposite end of the field then its BUBBULLRUSH! where everyone has to get to the the opposite safe zone while the bull in the bull arena tries to take them out so they are not the only bull in the arena. this constitutes 1 round. This game continues until one person remains who is then Crowned victor of the battle. The chosen a runner also has the option of calling BubbullRush to reduce the risk of getting smashed and being in the middle.

The bull in the middle can also call Bubbullrush instead of calling out one person which gives him more people to try take out.

Bubbull Rush team

This is similar to BubbullRush but is played in a team of 10. The team who is Bull starts with one player in the the arena and for each team member of the opposite team he can take out one of his team joins him in the arena while the runner from the opposite team who got smashed sits on the side line. once all the runners have been smashed then the teams swap. one round is when the entire active running team makes it to the opposite safe zone.

the team that lasts the most rounds as runners wins.

Other Bubbull options

- Bubbull Soccer

- Bubbull Sumo

- Bubbull Gauntlet

Bringing Back the Rush