What can I wear?

Wear any light sports clothing that has no sharp objects like buckles or studs.

Do I need to wear cleats or rugby boots?

A pair of running shoes is best, touch boots works well, but no studs are allowed for safety reasons

Is indoors or outdoors better?

To get the full effect of the bubbles outside is the best, but indoors is still a Ball!

Can I do custom times and bubble amounts?

We can fully customize the time and number of bubbles for you. at the moment our maximum bubble amount is 20 but we will be expanding soon.

is there a size limit?

since you are getting into a confined space big people will strugle. but we have had people that are about 120kg in them and in terms of height you need to be at least 1.2m tall and a maximum of 2.0m tall

If I book 8 bubbles can I only have 8 people?

You can have as many people as you want, it just shortens the time each person will be in a bubble, but most people can't do too long in a bubble so its recommended to have teams so while some rest others play.
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